7 Surprising Secrets That Will Erase Your Fear Of Online Marketers in 2014!

Bonus Tip: If you make it till the end of this post, I’ll show you how to find the perfect marketer for your business. There is also a free tool for you to check out!

There is an overwhelming array of online marketing websites out there. I’ve listed some of my go-to websites at the end of this post. They offer sound advice that won’t lead you astray.

But sometimes the advice you’re looking for doesn’t come from “thought leaders”, it comes from people who’ve walked the path less taken. They don’t always follow the status-quo. Instead, they see patterns and craft their own way of achieving results.

Totally feel like this guy right now!

Totally feel like this guy right now!

Let me give you a brief introduction on how I work. I’ve been working as a professional SEO since 2011.  I live in India (always have) and work from my home office. I provide end-to-end online marketing services to local business owners in the United States. My clients adore the consistent results their business gets and I love their loyalty.

I made a few decisions early in my career due to which I’ve been successful in a very crowded market, prospered during multiple search engine algorithm updates and broken through the stereotype on an “Indian SEO”. I’ve worked with online marketers both as a business owner and as a marketing consultant. Having seen both sides of the coin, today I’m giving you access to my top 7 secrets that’ll teach you how to fearlessly hire the best online marketer for your business.

1) Your business doesn’t need to follow conventional wisdom.

Doubt the conventional wisdom unless you can verify it with reason and experiment.
- Steve Albini

This is my 1st official blog post for Techachari.  I don’t actively manage multiple social media profiles for Techachari. I rarely update my Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ pages. I’ve relied entirely on Twitter to build Techachari’s social presence. 

The reason why this strategy still worked  is because that I had tested all my options beforehand. Your marketing should be customized to fit your business goals, not the other way around. Similarly, you should avoid hiring marketers who promise results by applying a “standard package” on your website. It’s essential that your marketer takes the effort to assess your business objectives before creating a marketing campaign. It would be counterintuitive to believe otherwise!

2) No, you cannot treat consultants like your employees

As a business owner, you have 2 options when it comes online marketing – Hire an agency or hire a freelancer/independent consultant. I usually recommend local business owners to test both options with small test contracts. One major advantage of hiring an independent online marketing consultant/freelancer/contractor is that you can develop a personal relationship with an expert who understands your business goals, from anywhere around the world.

However, consultants are not your employees. They work on a contract to contract basis. Getting a long term commitment will not be easy and hence you have to be very careful that you pick the right person for your needs. In a successful relationship, your consultant can seem like a dream employee. Someone who makes your life convenient and stress-free. On the other hand, an unprofessional or unethical freelancer can cause a lot of irritation, anxiety and frustration.

3) Don’t hire an online marketer you can’t trust.

I often say that the most important factor in online marketing is TRUST.

Trust plays a huge role in this field. I encourage you to click the link in the tweet above if you want to know the exact reasons. I’ll get straight to the point. If you wouldn’t go out for a round of drinks or if you wouldn’t send an invite to your party or if you wouldn’t trust the safekeep of your dog for a weekend with your online marketing consultant, DON’T hire him/her. There are no easy solutions in online marketing. It’s serious work that requires an expert level of effort and time investments. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise either doesn’t know what he/she is talking about or is a liar. Beware of schemes like ’30-day ranking guarantee’, ‘instant 80% new visitors’ etc. If they sound too good to be true, it probably is.

You should always evaluate the level of professionalism and ethics of your consultant before you let him/her manage your business online. You can do this via detailed interviews, emailing references or by his/her online reputation. After all this, if your gut still says no, keep looking. I cannot stress enough on the importance of trust.

Pro-tip: Trust works both ways. I have said no to clients who couldn’t convince me of their intentions. Top performers know the importance of trust and hence, they value it greatly when they receive it from their clients.

4) Avoid Jargon (ab)users.

As far as possible (AFAP anyone?), hire someone who doesn’t overuse marketing jargons while talking to you. Your online marketing consultant needs to understand your world, not the other way around. If one can’t convey one’s message to you without using jargons, how is he/she going to do it with your customers? Don’t get me wrong, marketers use a ton of jargon and industry specific terms while working among each other. We’d go bonkers without them! But when it comes to creating strategies or communicating with clients, the best marketers put extra efforts to speak in plain English with their clients.

Having said that, if you are completely oblivious to this field, you can read 40 essential SEO terms that most online marketers use. In case you still aren’t sure about the difference between the terms SEO and Inbound marketing, I’ve explained them below.

SEO – Stands for search engine optimization. Somewhere in mid 2000s it meant optimizing websites to make them rank high in Google’s search engine results pages. In 2014, SEO isn’t that simplistic anymore and hence it’s difficult to accurately define it. A lot of SEO professionals have hence shifted to using the term inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing – This is the form of marketing that modern SEO has evolved into. As you can see from the image below, traditional SEO is only a part of inbound marketing.  Larry Kim  defines it as “any kind of marketing that reaches customers when they go looking for something to buy”. For now, you need to understand that it’s simply a new way of online marketing that has proven to be more effective than traditional methods. I am an inbound marketing consultant and I use SEO as one part of my online marketing efforts. I’ll probably write an entire blog post in the future to fully explain that last sentence!


Source:Rand Fishkin’s post on moz blog

5) Have clear goals. And track them.

This is very important. Ensure that you set clear goals and work towards achieving it. Start small and do it one at a time. Your goal can be getting more traffic, email signups, branding, earning links etc. Whatever it may be, ensure that your marketer creates a campaign strategy for each goal. Track every action on your website. If you aren’t happy with the progress, evaluate the data and restructure your campaign. Ask your consultant to send you weekly/monthly reports in an easy, understandable format. Learning about your audience and acting on the data you track can potentially change the direction of your entire business.

6) Ask for help. Everyone else does.

Delegating the online reputation of your business online can get intimidating. Like most things in life, the start is the toughest part. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid of asking for help from people you trust.  The inbound marketing community is amazingly collaborative. If you need your questions answered or your fears resolved, simply ask. Many experts provide hour long consultations for the exact same purpose. Hell, if you unsure of doing that, email me! Though I can’t work with everyone who contacts me, I certainly do try to help most of them with quick, actionable advice. Everyone can use some good karma after all.

7) Work with someone you want to hire irrespective of the price

SEO/inbound marketing isn’t cheap. There are too many examples of businesses getting hurt because of their failure to understand the hidden cost of cheap marketing services. The difference between a) being penalized and irreparably damaging your online reputation vs b) generating consistent, trackable results in the long term is insanely huge! The proverb “you get what you pay for” is an understatement in this case. Make sure to prioritize online marketing in your annual budget .

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Website list bonus: seo.alltop.com and Inbound.org  are my 2 favorite websites for daily online marketing news and updates.

I truly want to help you understand what’s best for your business. Even if I’m unable to accept your project, I’ll still try my best to guide you in a better direction. I love talking to business owners and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs. If your business needs an inbound marketer with a vision, contact me now. If not, share this article and help a friend!

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